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Care for environment
We are known for being environmentally aware. As a Rob Roy Tours customer you support us in our commitment to environmental conservation and environmentally sensitive tourism in harmony with people and nature. We seek to implement our philosophy of care for the environment in the smallest details of tour planning.

We look for similar commitments from the businesses we deal with, such as hotels and bus companies. Where possible we use hotels and B&Bs which have green policies or have won green awards.

We choose accommodation whose situation frequently allows us to go on walks directly from the front door. When a transfer is required, often we do not order our own tour bus, but instead use train connections on the famous West Highland Line or beautiful trips by ferry. Thus as a Rob Roy Tours customer you support us in our commitment to environmental conservation, and, above all, increase opportunities for your enjoyment of the country, its land and people.

For most tours we have our modern, comfortable minibuses which are the right size for our small groups. Besides, our minibuses have low fuel consumption and fewer harmful emissions which fits in well with our concern for the environment. Here too we often use trains and ferries.

You will be able through us to contribute to the well-being of small communities living in isolated places in the Highlands and islands, since we make a point of using small, friendly, family-owned and run businesses in preference to the bigger national hotels or bus companies.

On our walking tours we are of course careful to avoid causing damage or disturbance to wildlife and will ask you to help us observe the Countryside Code.

Our office waste is recycled, and we save scarce resources by putting holiday information on this website rather than into costly and wasteful glossy brochures, which has the added advantage for you that we pass on the cash savings to offer you as a Rob Roy Tours customer even better value for money.

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