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Scotland in style – self-guided sightseeing tour (13days)

Self-guided rail tour, 13 days from and to Edinburgh, with three choices of accommodation. Also as a variation, a self-guided walking tour away from roads. You get from us a superb choice of idyllic short walks and rewarding longer walks described in detail, which you can enjoy on this tour. Travelling by train through Scotland… continue »


THE NATURE OF SCOTLAND – NATURAL HISTORY TOUR   Arrival times: Edinburgh Airport: by 12.30pm. Inverness Airport: by 3.30pm. Glasgow Airport: by 11.00am (plus additional transfer charges on arrival). Aberdeen Airport: by 12.00am (plus additional transfer charges on arrival). Departure times: Edinburgh Airport: after 12am. Aberdeen Airport: after 11am. Glasgow Airport: after 2pm (plus additional… continue »

Self-guided walking adventure tour Scotland (9day)

From roads and traffic, with very romantic railway journeys and three different choices of accommodation, 9 days from and to Edinburgh. You will explore the walking highlights of Scotland’s most beautiful walking sites, such as the famous West Highland Way, the West Coast of Scotland including the Hebrides and the Central Highlands around Pitlochry. After we have received your booking, you will get a superb choice of idyllic short walks and rewarding longer walks, described in detail, which you will be able to enjoy on this tour. Travelling by train through Scotland combines the romance of the railways with the enjoyment, in comfort,of overwhelming natural beauty. Queen Victoria and countless writers, composers, poets and painters have known the value of this mode of travel. Allow  yourself to be captivated by the enchantment as slowly rising mists reveal the romantic scenery of isolated glens. Discover the landscape, from the wild flower meadows of the island valleys to the fascinating world of mountain and… continue »

Quilters’ Tour

On the Trail of a Scottish Tradition Highlights: Discover the proud and ancient cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow Visit the Harris Tweed and Paisley Museums and the Scottish Wool Centre Picturesque castles; the wild, romantic landscapes of the Outer Hebrides Beauty to take your breath away… Specialist shops for quilters and a wide choice of… continue »

Self-guided walking adventure tour Scotland (13day)

13 day Railway Tour from and to Edinburgh Walking‐Roundtrip, away from roads and traffic, with very romantic railway journeys and three different choices of accommodation. Highlights: You will explore the best choice of Scotland’s most beautiful walking highlights, such as the famous West Highland Way, the West Coast near Oban and Mallaig, the Hebrides, the North of Scotland, including the Orkney Islands as well as the central Highlands around Pitlochry. After we have received your booking, you will get a superb choice of idyllic short walks and rewarding longer walks, described in detail, which you will be able to enjoy on this tour. Travelling by train through Scotland combines the romance of the railways with the enjoyment, in comfort, of overwhelming natural beauty. Queen Victoria and countless writers, composers and poets have known how to treasure this means of travel. Allow yourself to be enchanted too by lingering mists in wild, romantic  glens. Discover landscapes… continue »

Golf adventure tour Scotland

We put together your personal golf-trip ! Please e-mail us and let us know what you are looking for and we will send you an individual itinerary especially designed for you.

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