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Tour operators and travel agents

Our Combined Offers and Services for TOUR OPERATORS and TRAVEL AGENTS

Walking tours, Study/Special Interest tours, Natural History tours and Activity/Creative holidays throughout Scotland and the Scottish Islands as well as in England, Wales and Ireland.

YOUR SERVICE PAGES: For information about Rob Roy Tours Ltd and our company philosophy, our hotels, tour leaders, what clientele travels with us and what they say about us, please click here. You will discover more about our approach to the environment as well as our Terms and Conditions and our answers to the questions frequently asked by you and your clients.

YOUR SPECIAL GROUPS: For advice, inquiries and organisation as well as a very comprehensive catalogue of themed and concept tours for specialist groups, which are not just off-the-shelf, please click here . Or just call us on 0044-(0)1620-850408! You will find, among other things, a simple online information request form which lends itself perfectly to printing out as a product overview for special groups – your new and enlarged list of ‘Scotland’ offers for telephone enquiries from your clientele!

OUR CATALOGUE TOURS / YOUR CLIENTS: You can quickly and easily book your individual clients and small groups into our guided and self-guided tours. Most tours have GUARANTEED DEPARTURES.

When you click here, you will find very comprehensive tour descriptions and wonderful pictures of Rob Roy Tours’ vacations.

All published prices (except for holiday extensions) are for clients booking through a travel agent. You therefore have the advantage of being able to use our very attractive online tour descriptions in your face to face meetings with interested clients in your offices.

For enquiries and bookings a brief e-mail will suffice or, better still, a phone call to 0044-(0)1620-850408, and you will know the answer right away! Or you can use our extremely straightforward online booking form that can also be printed out and faxed.

We will be pleased to put further sales literature at your disposal via post or e-mail. You can also get first class catalogue or e-mail pages (e.g. Adobe Pagemaker) with YOUR contact details on them for each tour. You need only copy or print them out. Are there any other ways we can support you?

• STRONGLY RECOMMENDED Would our tour offers be of interest to your colleagues or business contacts in the tour industry? Please pass on an online recommendation here quickly and effortlessly.

• PRESS OFFICE: This page is for Press representatives.

Would you like to send us an e-mail?

PHONE/FAX: 0044-1620-890 908, MOBILE: 0044-7778-537321.
our adress: Rob Roy Tours Ltd, 630 Lanark Road, Juniper Green, Edinburgh EH14 5EW, UK
E-Mail: info@RobRoyTours.com

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