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Your tour guides

Our experienced, friendly and professional guides are the key to our success. Their pleasure is to let you share their enthusiasm, passion and love for the country, its people and culture. You travel in safety and enjoy the company of a real insider with specialist knowledge and training.

All Rob Roy Tours guides have expertise in history, nature and culture so that the specialists for particular tour programmes can provide competent and informed leadership. For instance, qualified mountain leaders or walking tour leaders take tours that include the mountains, and specialist tours or study tours have official guides knowledgeable in the relevant specialism.

As a Rob Roy Tours client, you will feel yourself to be no longer an onlooker from outside, but a part of the land you are visiting. This is what your tour guide wants to achieve for you. It is just as important that you have fun together and that you can enjoy the imparting of culture and history in an amusing and light-hearted but informative way.

Our tour guides are bi- and often tri-lingual (often with a repertoire of jokes that usually sound better in another language).

Klaus and Richard, the directors of Rob Roy Tours, frequently lead the groups, not only to escape from their desks as often as possible, but also personally as guides to share their enthusiasm and pleasure in exploring the country with you.

   Klaus has lived for ten years in Scotland, his adopted country, and he has even found a tartan to wear, and a kilt, and whatever goes under it (the curious might find the answer to this perpetually asked question when Klaus teaches them Scottish Country Dancing!). He leads walking and cultural and study tours.
Frank above all our islands expert. He knows the areas we tour like the back of his hand and in the evenings can talk to you over a Scotch by the fire interestingly and amusingly about the land, its people and whiskies. Frank is a master of the art of living who manages to bring family, tour guiding, private walking trips and various courses of study all at the same time under one umbrella. He leads our walking tours and specialised study tours. franck.jpg 















 Richard is a former teacher and depute principal of a school who has lived and studied in Scotland for forty years. He is an experienced walking and study tour guide and, above all, our natural history expert who knows where the wild things are. Richard can tell you what species a bird is even when it¹s just a dark dot in the sky. You can take natural history, walking and study tours with him.
 Stefanie takes care of study and discovery groups. Would you enjoy taking part in an early morning four wheel drive rally in the Highlands, or would you prefer to take tea in the afternoon with a countess in her castle rather than attempt the planned river crossing? With Stefanie as your guide neither you nor our office team need to worry about a thing. She is determined to ensure that your tour will be an adventure.  stefanie.jpg
 Petra has lived in Scotland for 15 years. She is still as enthusiastic about her beloved Highlands as she was on her first walk. A proud citizen of Glasgow, she will pose the question, laughing mischievously, of what is the finest sight to be seen in Edinburgh: the answer is, of course – the train back to Glasgow. She leads you on our walking tours. She loves to take along her golden retriever.
Palina leads our bus, study and walking tours. With a great sense of humour, courteous, safe and very interesting, she leads you up Ben Nevis, at Blair castle and shows you the most traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance steps. You want to know the people, nature and culture of Scotland? Just stick to Palina. She does that quite easily never shy of her impish smile. palina.jpgPalina





You couldn’t find a kinder person with a greater knowledge of Scottish natural history, leading you through Scotland, than Lorraine. Always with a smile on her face she masters every mountain situation as well as the narrowest of the notorious “single track roads” in the North of Scotland.
Gordon inspires his fellow walkers with enthusiasm for high level walking over the Scottish summits as well as by his extremely interesting guiding in museums and castles. He loves the open spaces of the Highlands. In Gordon you will meet an amusing gentleman who is as much at home with map and compass as with the microphone in the tour bus. He leads our walking and hiking tours and specialist study tours. gordon.jpg


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