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Responsible Visitor Charter
  • Please walk on paths in order to be secure and to respect the environment.
  • Please do not through your waste in the nature, help to maintain the beautiful countryside.
  • Please watch your steps; you are on the territory of a rich flora and fauna, respect your hosts.
  • Save energy – switch off lights and close windows if heating is on.
  • Give the car a rest, give the earth a breath. Use the local bus or train, walk or hire a bike.
  • Shop locally; taste local food and support the local community, a way to  reduce the transport of goods and to increase the quality of the catering.

Did you know? Every £10 spent locally adds £25 to the local economy. £10  spent in a supermarket only add £4.

  • Be water wise, cut the phosphate.
  • Recycle and compost.
  • Support Green Tourism.

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