General terms and conditions (GTC)

1.    General provisions

1.1.    Your tour operator

Rob Roy Tours Ltd. (hereinafter RRT) acts as a tour operator and is registered at the address: 4 Redheughs Rigg, South Gyle​, Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ.

Contact details:

Phone: +44 131 287 0000 


1.2.    Scope of application of the GTC

The provisions of these terms and conditions shall apply to all tours offered by RRT, irrespective of the form and nature of the tours presented and whether written quotations, presentations on RRT's website ( or transmissions by e-mail are effected.

1.3.    The respective current version of the GTC can be found on the specified website of RRT. An updated version does not change the legal basis for already effected bookings, unless the update is made due to statutory requirements.

1.4.    With his booking the customer acknowledges the effectiveness of the GTC. 

2.    Tours of Rob Roy Tours

2.1.    The transmitted documents, such as brochures, travel descriptions and contents on the website, describe the travel products as best possible, specifying the prices and offering information about included and possibly optional services (such as restaurants, admissions, excursions); only the tour contract specifies the exact tour services and tour dates in detail. The tour contract is concluded by the customer’s payment of the tour subject to the tour’s availability. In some hotels single rooms may be small, triple rooms may be double rooms with an extra bed. Full board includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner; for half board one meal (usually lunch) is omitted. Beverages are not included, unless this has been expressly agreed in individual cases.

2.2.    Availability

The offered tours are subject to availability. The acceptance of an offered tour by the customer shall still require an availability check by RRT and its reconfirmation in order for the tour contract to be valid.

3.    Tour price

3.1.    Tour prices are quoted in EURO. Exchange rate fluctuations between GBP and EUR may lead to adjustments of the tour price; in this case, the customer will be notified in good time of such a price adjustment as well as of the option to withdraw from the contract if he should not agree. We wish to point out that air fares in particular are very volatile and that they may also lead to price adjustments for the package tour.

3.2.    In any case, the tour price does not include costs for visas, travel insurances (unless specially mentioned) and personal expenses.

4.    Terms of payment

4.1.    At the time of booking RRT will request a non-refundable deposit of EUR130.00 per participant. The balance will be payable at the latest 6 weeks before departure. If RRT does not receive the payment on time and/or in full, the tour will be considered cancelled. In this case, the customer will be liable for any cancellation costs.

4.2.    Short-term bookings (less than 6 weeks before departure) shall be payable in full and immediately upon booking.

5.    Cancellation of tour by the customer

Tour cancellations may result in extra cancellation costs. We charge the following costs:

-    Forfeiture of the deposit in the above-mentioned amount of EUR130.00 per participant for cancellations at least 30 days before departure

-    25 per cent of the tour price for cancellations between 29 and 21 days before departure

-    50 per cent of the tour price for cancellations between 20 and 8 days before departure

-    90 per cent of the tour price for cancellations between 7 and 2 days before departure

-    100 per cent of the tour price for even later cancellations or no-show

6.    Cancellation of the tour by RRT 

RRT offers many travel products with “guaranteed departure”. However, it may happen that non-guaranteed departures have to be cancelled due to a lack of numbers. In this case, RRT shall inform the customer as swiftly as possible and offer an alternative date or alternative tour. The customer may also, however, withdraw from the contract in this case and have the already paid amount refunded in full. Beyond this, the customer shall receive no compensation from RRT.

7.    Travel insurance 

No travel insurance is included in the tour price. We will be happy to offer you such insurance where required, including both travel cancellation insurance and comprehensive insurance packages.

8.    Alteration of programme by RRT

RRT reserves the right to alter the programme unilaterally but slightly. In this case, RRT shall notify the customer of such alterations, within its possibilities, in due time. RRT must bring major alterations before departure to the customer's attention immediately. The customer will then have the option of cancelling free of charge or confirming the alteration. A change of one or several hotels does not constitute a major alteration of the programme, provided the alternative hotel/s is/are of the same standard and in a similar quality location.

9.    Alteration of programme by the customer

The customer may not unilaterally alter the programme without the written consent of RRT or its representatives. Otherwise, the customer shall bear all additional costs incurred and also any cancellation costs. RRT must be notified immediately; this notification may prevent or reduce additional costs. 

10.    Round trips

For round trips it is possible that the names of the hotels are only communicated at a later date. Changes of hotels are also possible and do not lead to an improper performance of contractual obligations if the alternative hotels are at least of the same standard and are not in a significantly worse location. RRT may alter the timing of the tour programme, however RRT must ensure that all agreed tour services are provided. 

11.    Hotel category 

The specified hotel category is that of the respective destination country. However, RRT reserves the right to specify a hotel classification that differs from the official category at its own discretion.

12.    Liability

RRT is responsible towards the customer for the due and proper performance of the tour for all contractual parts of the tour. This also applies in the case of the use of services of other market operators, such as hotels, restaurants, etc.. 

Damages due to flight problems - possibly also other tourist services - may be subject to further regulations and liability sums may be limited. RRT's liability for services of other business operators shall apply only in cases of intent or gross negligence, unless such exclusion is otherwise regulated by law.

RRT is not responsible in the following cases:

-    in the event of exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances

-    If the customer deviates from the programme of his own accord

-    if the customer makes direct use of other tour operators

-    if travel to the destination is organised in whole or in part without RRT’s assistance, RRT cannot be held liable for any delay or non-performance of the tour in the event of problems in reaching the destination.

RRT shall not be liable for indirect damages.

13.    Exceptional or unavoidable circumstances

RRT shall not be liable for the partial or complete non-performance of a tour if this is caused by exceptional or unavoidable circumstances. Such circumstances may include, for example, strikes, natural disasters or similar. In such cases, RRT shall notify the customer immediately and make its best efforts to offer alternative programmes.

14.    Assistance

RRT will make every effort to provide assistance to the customer where required. Such assistance may be necessary if parts of the tour are not performed properly or if the customer requires assistance due to personal needs. Outside of office hours, RRT can be reached 24/7 on the toll-free number 00800 6900 6900 (depending on network coverage at the destination). 

15.    Travel formalities

Citizens of EU countries and Switzerland require a valid passport to enter the United Kingdom. Currently, any European driving licence is also valid for the duration of a tour in the UK. Changes are possible due to Brexit.

16.    Data protection

Personal data of the customers is necessary for the due and proper implementation of the tour and must be stored electronically. RRT attaches great importance to data protection and data security and will make every effort to prevent misuse of customer-related data. The disclosure of personal data (such as names and possibly passport data) to hotels, airlines, etc. may also be necessary and will only be carried out in compliance with statutory regulations. The storage and processing of data by RRT or by the associated group of companies shall take place exclusively in the European Union or in the UK. RRT's website may use cookies, but will especially point this out.

17.    Legal dispute

The company’s registered place of business is specified in clause 1. To settle any disputes arising from a contract, including those concerning existence or non-existence, it is agreed that the relevant courts at the registered place of business of RRT shall have exclusive jurisdiction. British law shall apply exclusively, unless other European standards govern the consumer’s statutory rights. RRT shall in any case make every effort to settle legal disputes amicably with the customer. As a customer, you will keep any evidence (photos, confirmations, etc.) in the case of problems or, if necessary, you will contact us as swiftly as possible so that we can still resolve any problems in your interests during the tour. 

18.    Should any provision of these terms and conditions be or become legally ineffective or unenforceable in whole or in part, this shall not affect the legal validity of the remaining terms and conditions. The contracting parties shall replace the respective provision by an effective, enforceable provision that approximates as far as possible to the content and purpose of the legally ineffective or unenforceable provision.

Rob Roy Tours Ltd.

4 Redheughs Rigg, South Gyle​

Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ

Tel: 0044 131 287 0000


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