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Scottish Gaelic


Scottish Gaelic was dominant in Scotland until the 11th century. The prevalence of Gaelic can be seen in the many place names around Scotland, especially in the Highlands. Currently, Gaelic is being revived and going through a renaissance.

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World Whisky Day


World Whisky Day is an open invitation to raise a dram and celebrate the “water of life“. For all the novices out there, we have put together some of the most important facts and information.

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National Golf Day


National Golf Day is set aside to mark the “official” start of the more golfer friendly season. This day is significant and honoured especially in Scotland, the Home of Golf.

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Scottish Bagpipes


Until the end of the 17th Century the harp was the most favoured instrument in Scotland when it was quickly superseded by the love for the bagpipes. How did the bagpipe become popular?

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Battle of Culloden


On this day 275 years ago, the deciding battle between the Jacobites and the English troops took place. The many fallen Jacobites are remembered on the Culloden Moor by commemorative stones on which the names of the Clans are engraved. Every Saturday before April 16th,…

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Puffins in Scotland


Every year between April and August around 580,000 breeding pairs arrive in Great Britain. Near Scotland’s capitol Edinburgh, you can find Great Britain’s third largest Puffin colony in the middle of the Firth of Forth, on the historically significant Isle of May.

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Stone circles in Scotland


The Equinox and Stone Circles – What’s the connection?

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350 years Rob Roy


This week we’d like to dedicate an article to a man of legend, known as the Scottish "Robin Hood", who has lent his name to our Tour Company for over 20 years, Rob Roy. He was born 350 years ago exactly to the date March 7th 1671.

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Romantic Scotland


Romance only on Valentine’s Day? A little romance throughout the year never hurt anyone, especially when visiting Scotland’s most romantic spots. What could be more romantic than an evening in the Highlands when the sky magically transforms itself, displaying shades of…

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Winter in Scotland


Winter in Scotland- this means crackling fires, icy landscapes, culture, music and dance or cosy afternoons in pubs, with a delicious whisky to keep you warm inside. If you are really lucky, you may just catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights!

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